Children’s Wish Foundation – Identity

The Children’s Wish Foundation (CWF) is dedicated to fulfilling a wish of children affected by high-risk, life-threatening illnesses. Five years ago, wish referrals and fundraising began to decline as competitive pressure mounted from other charitable organizations. CWF responded with a strategic plan designed to strengthen every aspect of the organization. Specifically, CWF wanted their brand to be consistent, to raise awareness about the organization, and to increase fundraising revenue.

C(Group was engaged to refine, evolve and strengthen the existing CWF brand by improving the clarity and impact of the logo. The original CWF mark contained many elements producing visual clutter and confused branding. C(Group kept the visual feel of the mark by refining the colors and typography, but we streamlined the mark by dropping “foundation” from the name, simplifying the star and cloud treatment and refining the layout of the typography. To ensure design consistency across the country, the logo was created in both English, French and bilingual versions. It was executed in different formats for various applications such as print, web, etc.