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Measuring Social Media ROI: 3 Things to Consider

This post appeared on Mashable, though it was originally published on the American Express OPEN Forum.  It has been repurposed here for the CRESCENT community.  What’s the ROI of social media? That’s the million-dollar question that every marketer and brand manager would like to answer — and yet, we still can’t do it. Earlier this […]

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C ( Group Awarded for Nonprofit Visual Identity

As we’ve noted in earlier posts, the RGD (Registered Graphic Designers) have selected C ( Group’s work to be included in their annual Logo Agenda.  Three of our logos will be showcased, including our work for the Transitional Council of the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario (see below). We’re thrilled to be included in the […]

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Buzz for C ( Group

Social media is just that—social ! Channels such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter are excellent platforms for community and conversation, and most of all, social media is a great way of mapping the growth of your brand’s online enterprise. Any good social media plan incorporates a social listening strategy. Who is talking about your brand […]

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Social Networking Simplified

Fifty years ago, we started using the word “networking” to describe the act of building relationships for the purpose of professional development. At that time (circa 1960), “networking” meant growing connections; it meant handing your business card to the right person at the right cocktail party or luncheon. Before 1960, we barely used the word “networking,” save for a brief […]

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C ( Group Recognized for Creative Excellence by RGD

Each year, the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD) puts together a fabulous logo agenda showcasing the best work in graphic communications. C ( Group is proud to announce that we’ve received awards in three categories, including an award of excellence for our work for Gemini Power Corp. More details to come!

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Twitter Etiquette for Business

Twitter is a young communication tool, and we’re still culturally negotiating the rules for online etiquette. If you’re using Twitter for business, follow these simple rules to guide your brand towards Twitter success.

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Social Media Matters: Adjusting Your Brand to the Digital Times

This week, the team at Crescent launched our social media campaign, and we decided that blogging was a key part in establishing our web presence. Sure, we’re on Twitter (@CrescentDesign) but some things just can’t be said in 140-characters-or-less! So here we are, world! For our debut blog entry, we wanted to do two things: first, we’d like to introduce ourselves (hello!) and second, we’d like to discuss our venture into social media.