Your non-profit's physical environment should inspire your employees, volunteers, donors, and stakeholders.
Immersive, engaging environments help achieve your mission

From signage to wayfinding, feature areas such as lobby or tour areas, employee work areas that inspire and energize – it all contributes to the clarity of your brand position and fulfilling your mission. Your environments should communicate what you stand for and reinforce your key brand messages.

C(Group knows how important environmental experiences are to compelling behaviour. We work with non-profits to ensure their environments align with their brand identity. Creating environments for employees and volunteers that encourage and inspire them helps efforts towards goal achievement. We have developed environments geared to welcome guests, internal spaces geared to bring the organizational mission to the top of mind, trade show exhibits to engage the public and public events to excite and invigorate an audience.

Working through a strategy to incorporate mission, values and brand identity, we brainstorm and research concepts that are functional for their purpose but bring prolific and captivating design. Environments provide an opportunity for non-profits to engage their audiences in a very physical way which offers a valuable return on keeping your organization top of mind. We invite you to work with our team to develop immersive, engaging environments to help your non-profit achieve its mission.

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Environment Services
  • Branded Environments
  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • Lobby and 3-D Identity
  • Employee Experience
  • Immersive Spaces