Pipes Drums is the world’s most popular industry publication for the piping and drumming community featuring editorial content, interviews, competition reviews, and community-based functions such as event postings, classifieds, tune shares and more.

As an add-on to the existing website, built in WordPress, C(Group leveraged open source technologies, app frameworks and available plugins to generate a companion mobile app for the online publication. As such the app and website share the same content database and are always in sync with each other while offering a unique user experience on each platform.

The mobile app offers simpler navigation menus and rethought article displays using mobile-specific functionality. By enabling swiping and touch scrolling to move through articles quickly, the app provides a whole new reading experience. All the while lending ultimate control to the editor: the menu structures and content availability can be customized for desktop versus mobile app versions.

Pipes Drums has always been a leader within its sector, and with the mobile app, the publication continues to demonstrate innovation and provide a best-in-class journalistic experience.

Within weeks of launch, over 10% of subscribers had adopted the mobile app.