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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Nonprofit Donation Page [INFOGRAPHIC]

When website visitors arrive at your nonprofit donation page, you have seconds to turn that donor from a well-intentioned visitor to a donor.

Whether donors arrive via email, social media, or your blog, your nonprofit donation page needs to be banging all 8 cylinders.

Or at least 7.

Elevation recently published this snazzy infographic running down 7 ways to upgrade your current nonprofit donation page. Use it as a checklist for your next online fundraising campaign.

7 Ways to Upgrade Your Nonprofit Donation Page

A well-designed, effective nonprofit donation landing page can have a lasting impact on donor activity. Boost online donations with the 7 elements illustrated in the infographic below.

  1. Donation Page URL – Your donation page URL should be short and sweet, contain your focus keyword, and be secure (SSL). SSL makes donors feel more confident when they donate.
  2. Donation Page Banner – Your donation page banner (or header) should include your logo and a captivating image that draws potential donors in. The donation page title is also important for SEO.
  3. Donation Page Body – The body of your donation page should tell dollars exactly what your goal is and how their donation will make an impact. The copy should be emotionally compelling and include action calls that convey urgency.
  4. Donation Page Footer – The footer of your donation page should include social media sharing links and a message reassuring donors that their payment is secure.
  5. Mobile Responsive – More and more donations are made via mobile devices, a trend that will only increase in the future.
  6. The Fold – Although “above the fold” is becoming less important (due to mobile scrolling), the information you present before people scroll should be your most important information.
  7. Donation Thank You Page – Every donation page should have a corresponding thank you page that lowers donor remorse and can be tracked through Google analytics.

Nonprofit Website Design Infographic


This article by John Haydon was originally published on his blog. Read the article here.