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Strategy is at the core of every marketing initiative we undertake for our non-profit clients. From high-level brand strategy through to a well thought-out tactical marketing approach, C(GROUP works closely with non-profit organizations to define goals, establish criteria and create a clear path to success. A brand’s visual identity should fully align with its strategy, communicating visually everything your non-profit stands for. Think of strategy as being your map, you should know where you are going, and all your marketing should help get you further along the path to your vision’s destination.


Brand strategy, brand promise brand identity, brand management, brand culture/behaviour, all contribute to creating your non-profits image. A brand identity, or visual identity, is the visual manifestation of your brand strategy. How does your non-profits’ values, mission and vision translate to an image that can be instantly recognized. We develop complete branding solutions exclusively for the non-profit sector. From strategy through to next-level creative, we create all the tools you need for a successful branding launch. As a full-service design agency, we deliver brand success in today’s multi-channel, highly visual environment.


Establishing a digital strategy that is on-point, an efficient information architecture, a savvy, responsive user-interface, all driven by a powerful CMS is what your non-profit needs to succeed in today’s digital environment. We provide a full spectrum of digital services specially designed for the non-profit sector, to make your online presence work FOR you; connecting you with your audience and eliciting your most wanted response. C(GROUP’s design-focussed methodology, involves our non-profit clients directly in the design process, creating best-of-breed websites that deliver on your brand promise.

Annual Reporting

Your non-profit annual report or impact report is a key communication document. Part results reporting, and part-vision; it is an important opportunity to tell your story, demonstrate the impact your mission has, and position your organization effectively. We design and develop award-winning annual and impact reports for non-profits in traditional print/pdf format or fully responsive, digital micro-sites that make strong connections with your stakeholders.

Social Media

Your social media strategy and execution is a major component of non-profit communication best-practice. Identifying your goals, what channels your target audiences use, what content will engage them, and optimizing your posting calendar, are all services we excel at. Social media tactics based on data that produce measurable results are what we are all about. Whether you need us to set-you-up for success and hand it over to your team, or design and manage your entire social media program – we will deliver your non-profit social success.


As a full-service design agency, we develop engaging content for non-profit organizations that deliver your story and key messages to your target audiences. From your mission, vision, values, brand promise, audience messages, copy writing and translation – to content that supports and enhances your brand such as infographics, photography, illustration, icons and custom graphics – we’ve got you covered!


Signage, wayfinding, feature areas such as lobby or tour areas, and work areas, all contribute to inspiring and energizing your employees and volunteers, adding clarity to your brand, and ultimately fulfilling your mission. Your environments should communicate what you stand for and reinforce your key brand messages.

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