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A Google Goldmine: How to Leverage SEO and Google Ad Grants

Much like their for-profit counterparts, nonprofits need to stay on top of new marketing trends so that they can activate new supporters for their cause. However, if you’re like other nonprofit marketers, you know that one of the biggest pain points you face is your budget. What if there were marketing strategies that could expose your organization to […]

5 Benefits of Text-to-Give Fundraising for Your Nonprofit

As a nonprofit fundraiser, you know that consistent donations are key to advancing your mission. Your nonprofit needs a concrete and strategic way to reach your supporters with your donation requests throughout the year. You likely already use tools like email and social media as part of your digital fundraising strategy, but there is an […]

How to Build a Successful Advocacy Campaign: A Guide 

More and more nonprofits are tapping into the power of advocacy—and for good reason. A strong advocacy campaign can help organizations grow their audience, bring issues to the public’s attention, and raise more donations for their cause.  Traditionally, advocacy campaigns have taken place by going door-to-door to collect signatures or rallying crowds in person. However, innovations in […]

10 Simple Fundraising Tips Guaranteed to Improve Effectiveness

The stakes are always high when you’re launching a fundraising campaign. Professional fundraisers need to cover all the details to meet their targets. Individuals raising money for a cause they care about deeply want to surpass their donation goals and build enthusiasm for the mission. Nonprofit leaders managing both types of fundraisers need to equip […]

Last-Minute Year-End Appeal Strategies

A year-end appeal is crucial for nonprofits to maximize donations before the close of the fiscal year.It’s advisable to start planning your strategy several months in advance, ideally, at least 3-6 months before the end of the fiscal year. But what if you were too busy and didn’t have enough time? No worries! If you […]

What to do after #GivingTuesday

At this point, every nonprofit professional is aware of the significance of Giving Tuesday in the nonprofit world. Organizations can raise funds for projects, programs, and initiatives, bring in new donors, or attract volunteers, often with campaigns specifically prepared for this day. But, what happens after Giving Tuesday? How do you keep your donors motivated […]

Strategies to Craft Your Giving Tuesday Campaign Messaging

The global day of giving is approaching, and now that summer is over, it is time to start planning your Giving Tuesday campaign! Giving Tuesday is a highly competitive day for nonprofits. A successful campaign relies on a well-thought-out messaging strategy. One that helps your nonprofit stand out amidst the competition, captures the interest of […]

Fall Fundraising Ideas

Fall is a time of transformation, generosity, and unity, making it the perfect season for fundraising events! Fall events are also an excellent opportunity to boost your fundraising and become closer to achieving your annual fundraising goal. Let’s embrace this season’s potential to bring people together by implementing creative fundraising initiatives that infuse the spirit […]

12 Ideas for Nonprofits to Participate in Giving Tuesday

As you may know, Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving and generosity happening on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving (United States). It was created as a response to the consumer-focused shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Since it started in 2012, Giving Tuesday has grown into a global movement with participation […]

How to Convert Peer-to-Peer Event Participants into Monthly Donors

If your nonprofit organization hosts a peer-to-peer event with thousands of happy participants and supporters, but you don’t have a plan to convert those bikers, gamers, walkers, golfers, dancers, scavenger hunters, or pub crawlers into monthly donors, you’re missing out on the point of putting on an awesome P2P event. It should never be a […]

19 Digital Advertising Acronyms for Nonprofits

Digital platforms, like search engines and social media, are free for any organization to participate in. However, these technologies are increasingly becoming pay to play, meaning your nonprofit should strongly consider investing in paid advertising to get its full effect. Whether investing in social, search, or retargeting, there are a range of different paid ad approaches your […]

3 Best Ways to Use Your Nonprofit’s Valuable CRM Data

Is the secret to growing your fundraising hiding in your CRM? It just might be! Your nonprofit CRM is much more than a storage space for addresses and phone numbers. It’s a powerful tool for managing and growing relationships with your supporters. The data in your CRM can help you raise more money, improve your donor retention, and […]