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How to Convert Volunteers to Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers

Volunteers are essential to the success and impact of nonprofit organizations. Not only because they provide direct support with their skills, but because they are passionate and truly care about the nonprofit’s mission. Their enthusiasm and dedication inspire the communities they serve, expanding the nonprofit’s reach as they share their experiences and advocate for the […]

Adding emojis to your nonprofit’s email subject line. Yes or no?

In an increasingly digital world, emojis have become a universal language that allows people to represent emotions, concepts, objects, or ideas, enhancing their everyday digital communication and making it more expressive, engaging, and inclusive. We use them in text messages, social media, or emails, but, is it appropriate to use them in your nonprofit subject […]

Creative Ways to Write a Thank-You Note for Donations

It goes without saying that donors play the most significant role in your nonprofit’s success and sustainability. But do your donors understand how much you appreciate them? Don’t just assume they do—make sure they hear it from you directly. Fundraising for nonprofits takes intention and requires going the extra mile to thank your supporters so that […]

12 Podcasts for Nonprofits You Need on Your Radar

There’s nothing like a sense of inspiration, learning, and community that great nonprofit podcasts can add to your daily routine.  As more people enjoy the convenience of tuning into regular audio-based episodes, influencers, individual hosts, and nonprofit organizations respond with fresh content and more podcasts. In May 2023, there were over 4 million total podcasts registered […]

How to Demonstrate Volunteer Appreciation as a Nonprofit: 19 Ideas

Volunteers are the backbone of nonprofits’ long-term health and sustainability. Without them, organizations likely wouldn’t be able to accomplish their fundraising goals.  Learning how to source and retain consistent volunteers is essential to the success of your nonprofit. Frequently showing appreciation for these loyal supporters keeps them engaged and gives them purpose. Fortunately, you can show appreciation for your incredible volunteers without spending […]

Increase Charitable Donations With These 6 Words

The actions and trends that drive nonprofit donations are always changing. In this post, we’ll cover six magic words that can help increase donations, why these words work, and how to incorporate them into your nonprofit marketing, direct appeals, website, and donation form. Picture this: you walk into a five-star hotel, step off the plush carpet, and lay […]

16 Creative Ways to Thank Donors

It goes without saying that donors play the biggest role in your nonprofit’s success and sustainability. But do your donors understand how much you appreciate them? Don’t just assume they do—make sure they hear it from you directly. It takes intentional planning to thank your supporters in a way that resonates. Follow this comprehensive guide […]

5 Volunteer Retention Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Volunteer retention is crucial for nonprofits and other organizations that rely on volunteer support. It’s much more cost-effective to retain your current volunteers rather than constantly spend your marketing dollars on recruiting new supporters.   Plus, your current volunteers have already gone through training and onboarding, meaning they provide a lot of value to your organization.   However, if […]

5 Tips To Cultivate A People First Culture In Your Nonprofit Workplace

You may have heard the term “people first culture” here and there, but what does it really mean? describes the term as the following: “People-first cultures are rooted in a philosophy that values people over profits. The ironic twist is that when employees are valued as whole individuals and provided the opportunity for well-being, connection, and fulfillment, […]

Using Donation Page Infographics to Drive Monthly Giving

As you know, securing recurring donations is an excellent way to create sustainable revenue for your nonprofit. While receiving a windfall from a major donor or hosting a particularly successful campaign is a reason to celebrate, setting up something like a monthly giving program or running a recurring donation drive now will give you even more reasons […]

7 Email Marketing Myths That Are Hurting Your Fundraising Efforts

Does hitting the Send button on an email blast to your list make your pits sweat? That’s totally normal. It makes my pits sweat too, and I have a healthy obsession with writing emails.  But let’s face it—there’s a lot to worry about! You could make a few typos, offend someone, send too many emails, or land in […]

Strategic Communication: External Nonprofit Communication

Once you and your team have worked together to fine-tune your internal nonprofit strategic communication initiatives by constructing a mission statement, vision statement, and identifying your core values, you can now start to strategize your external nonprofit communication efforts. There are several forms of external nonprofit communication which include: Website Content Emails Newsletter Social Media Press Releases  […]

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