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Outsourcing for Nonprofits: What It Is and Why It Matters

It’s no secret that nonprofit professionals often wear many hats. From fundraising to marketing to financial management, there are so many essential responsibilities for running a nonprofit that it quickly becomes expensive and time-consuming to hire a different person to fill each role. The smaller your organization is, the more likely it is that one staff member […]

5 Actions to End the Year Strong

You’re rounding the corner on end-of-year giving and are hopefully already seeing the fruits of your effort! With campaigns launched, events planned, and donations coming in, now is the time to focus on these last 5 actions to make sure that 2023 is your best fundraising year to date! 1.  Make sure you process sustainer […]

Why Nonprofit Development and Marketing Teams Need Each Other

Nonprofit development and marketing teams share similar organizational goals. Each wants to attract and retain donors to fuel their nonprofit organization’s mission. However, the methods these teams use often differ. Nonprofit leaders can help these departments find common ground to enhance social impact. To increase coordination, it’s critical to understand what makes each team unique. […]

12 Podcasts for Nonprofits You Need on Your Radar

There’s nothing like a sense of inspiration, learning, and community that great nonprofit podcasts can add to your daily routine.  As more people enjoy the convenience of tuning into regular audio-based episodes, influencers, individual hosts, and nonprofit organizations respond with fresh content and more podcasts. In May 2023, there were over 4 million total podcasts registered […]

How to Start a Volunteer Program: 12 Steps for Success

Has your nonprofit identified an unaddressed need within your community? Need more help running your current programs? Or could your next event benefit from a bigger team? If so, you may be interested in starting a volunteer program. Volunteers provide nonprofits with the on-the-ground support they need to further their missions, whether that means helping […]

10 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself During The Year-End Giving Season

Now that the year-end giving season is well underway, you’re probably feeling even more pressure to hit your goals and raise more funds than ever. You might be working more hours than usual and trying to meet additional expectations. If you’re struggling to stay on top of everything without burning out, I can see why.  Below I’ll share ten […]

5 Volunteer Retention Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Volunteer retention is crucial for nonprofits and other organizations that rely on volunteer support. It’s much more cost-effective to retain your current volunteers rather than constantly spend your marketing dollars on recruiting new supporters.   Plus, your current volunteers have already gone through training and onboarding, meaning they provide a lot of value to your organization.   However, if […]

5 Ways to Make the Most of the Summer Slump at Your Nonprofit

Summer is historically a slower season for fundraising, but it offers nonprofits a unique opportunity to focus on the activities they weren’t able to prioritize during busier times of the year.  Below are five important activities that can impact your progress towards your organizational goals. Work these into your summer plan to make the most […]

How to Source and Retain Consistent Volunteers

Volunteers help nonprofits in a variety of ways. Sometimes you need them for short-term help like a weekend cleanup event or managing your 5k run. However, you might also need their support for longer-term projects or tasks that require training. Sourcing and retaining long-term volunteers takes some work, but you can find consistent volunteers to support […]

5 Tips To Cultivate A People First Culture In Your Nonprofit Workplace

You may have heard the term “people first culture” here and there, but what does it really mean? describes the term as the following: “People-first cultures are rooted in a philosophy that values people over profits. The ironic twist is that when employees are valued as whole individuals and provided the opportunity for well-being, connection, and fulfillment, […]

8 Tips for Effective Employee Onboarding at Your Nonprofit

Hiring new employees takes time and resources, yet 50% of senior outside hires turnover within the first 18 months and 50% of hourly workers leave new jobs within the first 120 days. The first 90 days are critical for effectively onboarding a new hire to your organization. Effective employee onboarding needs to: Ensure new hires know what’s […]

6 Ways to Keep Corporate Partners Engaged During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the power of corporate partnerships with nonprofits front and center. Businesses are able to help nonprofits fill financial gaps when donations have waned, and nonprofits have helped businesses find ways to actively support their communities during the public health crisis. With 86% of consumers wanting to see brands serve as “safety nets” during COVID-19, […]