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Booth Design, Event Materials, Printed MaterialsBiotech Exhibit
Biotech Exhibit
Ministry of Research and Innovation
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The Ministry of Research and Innovation participates annually in an international trade show for the Biotech Industry. As such, the Province requires a trade show booth that showcases its contributions to biotechnology. In recent years, the size of the booth expanded by 100% and required a new concept to be developed around the theme of innovation. The objective of the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation was to be recognized as a major player at this show and to highlight Ontario’s successes in Life Sciences.

C(Group was responsible for the design of the exhibit structure, graphics, event management, video presentation, and catering (with Tim Hortons). The concept of “Innovation +” was created and supported with photographic images of innovative breakthroughs that have been made in Ontario’s Life Sciences community.

These images were displayed on a series of large poster boards throughout the booth and continued on posters designed to display 14 individual exhibitors from the private industry. The booth received an 87.71% satisfaction rating from these exhibitors with attendance exceeding 15,000 making it one of the most successful Bio exhibits ever.

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