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Annual Report
Community Living Hamilton
Annual Report
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Community Living Hamilton‘s (CLH) Annual Report was developed with a view to raising the bar in terms of communicating the organization’s vision to help build great lives for people with developmental disabilities so that all persons live with dignity as citizens of their community, share in every element of living and have equal opportunity to participate. Distilled down to the tagline: “Helping Build Great Lives”, the report emphasizes the important difference that CLH is making in its community.

C(Group consulted with CLH and developed an approach and strategy to communicate these desired key messages. C(Group wrote the copy/content, being sure to capture the important milestones achieved over the past year and blending it with a strong and exciting vision for the future.

C(Group developed a visual design that helped support the strategic goals, featuring people, the center of all the work CLH does, who are shown participating in key programs offered by CLH and demonstrating the impact its good work has. A colourful, playful design language creates visual interest and leads the reader through the document while reinforcing a consistent brand image the entire way.

This digitally printed short-run Annual Report was also included on the organization’s website as a PDF for easy reference/download.

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