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PALOMA Foundation

Supporting women's shelter, health & education

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The Paloma Foundation establishes longer-term relationships with other charitable organizations that it selects for donation/funding. In addition to providing funding, they enable medical, organizational and administrative services within their circle of influence.

Typically their focus is on women and children’s issues (in particular, educational and health-related issues) and the homeless primarily in and around the Greater Toronto Area.

The identity evolved from the symbol of a dove (the English of the Spanish “Paloma”) utilizing geometric elements that together create one shape – an image of a shelter. These geometric elements represent Paloma’s target audience (women, children and the homeless).

The dove symbol, associated with the concept of freedom was deliberately created as a visually negative space suggesting that “the good spirit” is the core of each “shelter” or organization. It also suggests that it can be formed only with the cooperation and help of other people. The dove, like a messenger, is “carrying the good news”. The identity’s positive character is also reflected using simple shapes, almost child-like paper cutouts, and typography that express trust and importance.

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