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Advertisement, Digital Design, Print DesignAdmissions Campaign
Admissions Campaign
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RSGC teachings are based around the idea that happy boys and boys who are allowed to be themselves will excel. Through this ideology C(Group was able to weave an admissions campaign based on this differentiating factor which sets RSGC apart from other all-boys schools.

Students were asked to define who they are and what they get for being at RSGC in six words and from their responses the design of the campaign unfolded as a presentation of how RSGC empowers their students to be the best versions of themselves. Through the adjectives that students described themselves C(Group was able to depict the essence of the school coming to life. These adjectives were characteristic of both a rich academic offering but also a very personalized learning experience.

C(Group produced the RSGC tagline, “RSGC. Here, I am” and created the RSGC Admissions Viewbook as well as advertisements for the Globe and Mail and various other publications including the Town Crier.

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