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WebsiteSongwriters Prize Website Design
Songwriters Prize Website Design


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The Socan Songwriting Prize is Canada’s most prestigious award for independent music creators. Some of the more specific functional goals of the new design were to realize a revitalized look and an improved voting system for the annual competition. Fundamentally though the site is used to showcase the nominees and their music, so our approach really centred around the user experience and how people could interact with the music.

An ever-present built-in music player at the footer of the site highlights the most important element of Socan—the music! The music player is unobtrusive and doesn’t automatically sound, but once clicked, it continues to play as users navigate around the website, making for an uninterrupted listening experience. The Songwriting Prize website is mobile-friendly, highly socially integrated, and available in both French and English.

Website Design and Development
Website Design and Development
Website Design and Development
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Website Design and Development