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Beyond “Responsive”

As December pushes on and signals the final days of 2014, I paused for a moment to look forward and really take stock of what Crescent will be building in 2015, and most of it revolves around the mobile experience. Six in ten Canadians access the internet via their smartphones on a daily basis. At […]

The Value Question

I’d like to begin with some questions: In this world of instant transmission and easy access to information, are we engaging more, or are we more easily distracted? When I say “we,” I mean it in the grandest sense of the term: we as businesses and organizations, we as marketers and consumers, and we as […]

Content in Context

The word “content” has become a catchall for anything you write, create, or curate, and share on the internet. but what does it mean to produce content as a business or organization? and how can you do it without annoying or over-saturating your audience?

Relevance: The Key to Conversions

I participated in a conference this week (a big thank you to our friends at Blackbaud) and while each of the presenters got up and spoke to their specific area of expertise (design, email, website strategy, marketing automation, or technology) there was a resonating theme that jumped out (well for me anyway) and that was […]

Applying your Brand Filters to your Nonprofit Social Media Strategies

In an earlier article, we wrote about how brand filters help organizations manage their brand assets and brand behaviour. Today, we look at how these brand filters drive the creative direction and content of your brand’s social media presence. To recap, “brand filters” are a series of key words—no more than three or four— that describe the essence […]

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5 signs you have a strong brand image

With the popularity and responses to our article on brand filters, I thought I would delve a little more into the topic of branding and specifically your brand positioning and image. Here are a few benchmarks for assessing the strength of your brand position/image: 1) Common understanding (of your positioning): this boils down to how […]

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Find More Money: Partnerships that “Pay”

You’ve got great insight as to where you need to push the needle to further your impact; You probably also have great ideas about what and how to do it. But there is just not enough time, resources, or bottom line money to make it happen in order to see the results you imagine. You […]

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Defining the “R” in Social Media ROI

Social media has been a buzzword since the early 2000s, and now that brands have invested in sustaining a presence on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more, marketing executives and CEOs are eager to see the ROI (return on investment).

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Idea Swap: Shared Advice for Nonprofit Marketers

We’re putting it to the test! A video storytelling campaign by Crescent for the not-for-profit community.

Stories told through video have more impact and new tools are available to help build higher levels of brand engagement by aggregating user-generated video content.  A curated series of videos asks not-for-profit marketers to share advice for each other. Click “Add Your Story” to contribute.

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The Big Picture: The Role of the Nonprofit Website in 2015

When asked about relative importance, in the grand hierarchy of all marketing materials, we all know it, the website tops the list. In fact, 91% agree that the website is the most important communications channel used by nonprofits*. Other channels like email marketing and social media aren’t trailing that far behind, but your website should […]