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How to Make Giving Easy for Your Donors

For years, consumers have been buying products online through the experience provided by big brands. This includes things like quick ordering, payment and delivery options. In economic theory, this is called a frictionless market, or a marketplace that doesn’t have transaction costs.

This image displays a woman making a donation online and portrays relevance to web design and strategic communications for nonprofit fundraising

These days it’s all about convenience. And though frictionless markets have existed for a while, they haven’t quite reached the nonprofit sector yet. But this type of technology has been democratized and there’s no reason why nonprofits shouldn’t give their donors the same easy-to-use, efficient experiences. Here are some tips on how to make your online giving experiences more sophisticated.

Make your giving form mobile responsive

It’s a well-known fact that people these days spend several hours a day on their phones. And donors do the same when looking to contribute to their favorite cause. As nonprofits, it’s imperative to spend a little extra money to make things easier for your donors. Look into hiring someone to develop a mobile version of your website and make your user experiences as smooth as possible so contributors can donate easily and quickly.

Keep the form short

Get rid of any unnecessary fields on your online donation form and keep it as simple as you can. The trick to getting those donors right way is to make giving quick and easy. Don’t ask too many questions nor make users fill out more than the necessary information. Try making a donation on your own website and take note of what’s painless about the process and what’s just downright annoying. Make your changes from there.

Make the online donation form easy to find

On your website, make it obvious where people should go to donate. Use large and colorful donate buttons with active verbs that people will want to click as opposed to the generic “submit” button. Your potential donors shouldn’t search for your form, it could put them off if they get frustrated. Position it on the page where it’s clear you’re making the ask.

Have a singular call to action

It’s nice to have a section or page on your site where you can include volunteer opportunities or videos about your nonprofit but, when donors want to make a donation, they want to make a donation. Ask directly on the page. Don’t beat around the bush. The donation page should literally say “donate to…” and whatever your cause supports. Your online donors will thank you for not wasting their time and your nonprofit will reap the benefits of their generosity.

A quick and painless donation transaction will please those who want to contribute to your nonprofit when they’re not confused or frustrated with your website. It’s time the sector adapted to the frictionless market.


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Hana is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, putting her journalism degree to use by writing articles for the Hub’s national publications and overseeing the national social media accounts. Hana is dedicated to the nonprofit sector and giving back to the community that has given so much to her.