What COVID-19 Has Taught Us About Marketing

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of the way nonprofit and for-profit organizations operate, from budgets and strategic plans to community engagement and marketing. This experience has shed light on how brands can be resilient through these challenging times with the right messaging. After four months of crisis marketing, organizations have learned a […]

public fundraising campaign

Part 4: Phase Two – The Public Fundraising Campaign

Now it is time to go public with your fundraising campaign During the public phase of the campaign, it’s important to stay focussed and constantly update the public on your progress. A successful public campaign will: Use coordinated multi-channel campaign with the key messages developed for your campaign materials. Create a sense of urgency by […]

large donations

Part 3: Phase One – Large Donations for Your Fundraising Campaign

During the first phase, while you are focussing on large donations from corporations, government, large personal donors, and foundations, you have the opportunity to use some of your best resources to build strong communications going forward. Internal resources are one of your greatest assets: board members, employees, volunteers, and clients. These are the people who […]

messaging fundraising

Part 2: Messaging for the Fundraising Campaign

So now you know about your ideal donor and have an idea of what motivates them to donate to a cause. The next step is to create messages that move these individuals to give money to your campaign – even when you aren’t asking for donations. Good messaging should be tied to the overall objective […]

starting fundraising campaign

Part 1: Starting your Fundraising Campaign

Has your charity reached a new phase where you need a little boost to take your fundraising to the next level? The first time you venture into a fundraising campaign can be daunting and many not-for-profits aren’t sure where to start. Most expert fundraisers will suggest you break down the campaign into two parts – […]

email list

The Ultimate Guide To Building An Email List

Social media is important when it comes to growing your brand and sending visitors to your website. Unfortunately, social media marketing alone is not enough to initiate pageviews. An email list is a marketing tool that will round out your online marketing strategy. However, in order to have an email list, you need to build it. […]

technology planning

The 4 Questions Nonprofits Need to Address as They Make 2018 Tech Plans

As 2017 draws to a close and 2018 comes into focus, nonprofit organizations planning for next year should be thinking through their technology priorities. That can be a daunting task, but the most successful nonprofits have defined processes for making technology decisions. According to the Nonprofit Technology Network’s (NTEN) 10th annual “Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investments Report,” 65 […]

words social media

30 Power Words That Convert on Social Media

When chosen carefully, the right words can prompt an audience to invest in your cause and spread your mission to the world. Below, we’ve rounded up 30 power words that convert on social media. But first, we dig into the science of copywriting and the psychology of headlines. Why Use Power Words? The right words in your online messages can […]

event homepage

6 Elements of a Successful P2P Event Homepage

The homepage of your P2P event is the first page that most of your participants will see before they register. It’s your job to design a page that inspires action and participation quickly. Potential registrants are the main audience for this page. To ensure that your page meets the needs of this audience, include the […]

social media promote event

7 Ways to Use Social Media for Community Events

Make sure you are all rowing in the same direction when using social media to promote events. Recently a friend asked me for suggestions for using social media for community events, specifically a local, community-based rowing crew club in which she and her children are involved. Her goals: more exposure, promote programs, increase interest in […]

startup nonprofit

How Startup Nonprofits Can Get the Grant of Their Dreams

Getting that perfect grant can be a make or break situation for a startup nonprofit. When Nonprofit Hub was at its beginning, we were lucky enough to receive a grant that helped us get our feet on solid ground. But that was because of a relationship I had built with the organization over several years’ […]

future of social media

The Future of Social Media Is Here: These Are the Trends You Need to Know

It’s time we talk about how you’re using social media. That’s right, this is an intervention. We’re concerned about what you’re doing, and more importantly what you’re not doing. Your lack of adoption of new channels. Your total disrespect of mobile-first users. Your reluctance to try video. Your fear of spending money on social ads. […]