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5 Basic Must-Haves for Every Nonprofit Website

As a nonprofit, your goal to convince donors to give begins at your website—the public-facing home base of your operations. Just like any other company website, yours should be easily navigable, aesthetically appealing, and comprehensive. Most importantly, any nonprofit website needs the following five basic elements. 1. Streamlined Donation Page While website visitors may end […]

Building a Responsive Website Is Key to Engaging Your Audience

With more than 51% of web traffic viewed on mobile devices, it’s a no-brainer to make sure your nonprofit’s website is responsive. People aren’t just looking at social media or emails on their phones and tablets anymore — they’re creating sophisticated videos, filling out important forms and paperwork, coding on the go, and of course, […]

Beyond “Responsive”

As December pushes on and signals the final days of 2014, I paused for a moment to look forward and really take stock of what Crescent will be building in 2015, and most of it revolves around the mobile experience. Six in ten Canadians access the internet via their smartphones on a daily basis. At […]