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It’s a new year, and we’re proud to kick it off by announcing our collaborative success with the Canadian Standard’s Association. Our work for the CSA Group has been awarded the Gold MarCom Award in the category of eCommunication/e-Annual Report. Congratulations to everyone involved in this project: What an exciting way to start 2012!

Like most businesses, the CSA Group produces an annual report summarizing their progress as a company. At the end of 2002, they wanted to move to an online medium to underscore their message of corporate sustainability. As such, they required a top-of-the-line design agency capable of communicating in this new medium. They contracted C ( Group to design and produce their 2003/04 online annual report; they’ve been returning clients ever since.

Screenshot of the Consolidation Statement in the Annual Report with a graphic of a pen drawing a bar graph.

Over the past eight years, C ( Group has been helping CSA Group articulate their message of safety and sustainability in the public sector. For 2010/11 annual report, the focus was on communicating the exciting changes happening in the company – a new CEO, new aspirations, and a new approach to business.

In addition, the 2010/11 annual report needed to convey the CSA Group’s central message: that if businesses, governments, and communities are to overcome today’s challenges and prosper in the future, they must act in a safe and sustainable manner.

Screenshot of the annual report displaying "A year in the life of" with clouds in the background.

C ( Group developed a W3C compliant, online HTML website with flash animation. The site was complete with print compliances (pdf and hard copy), and available in both English and French.

Sceenshot of the landing page for the safety section of the website and the image of someone mixing chemicals with safety equipment on.

“The C ( Group team is very proud of this accomplishment” says Geordie Allen, Principal and CEO of C ( Group. “While the award itself is a nice recognition of a job well done, the real reward is being able to continually help our clients communicate as platforms and mediums evolve and change.”

Image of the cover of the CSA 2010/11 annual report which has 3 windmills and 3 solar panels with clouds in the background.

Have you considered going online for your next annual report? Consider this smart change, and we’ll be here to help make you shine.

The C ( Group team