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5 Actions to End the Year Strong

You’re rounding the corner on end-of-year giving and are hopefully already seeing the fruits of your effort! With campaigns launched, events planned, and donations coming in, now is the time to focus on these last 5 actions to make sure that 2023 is your best fundraising year to date!

1.  Make sure you process sustainer gifts before December 29th!

The end of the year falls on a weekend this year, so you’ll want to be proactive in processing any sustainer gifts that may come in at the last minute. By processing these gifts early, you’ll be sure to accurately capture your revenue in 2023, which will ultimately make your reporting easier and more reliable when you start planning next year’s campaign.

2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Another reason to process gifts before the close of the year: the sooner donations are processed, the sooner they’re acknowledged! Thank you’s should be sent between 48-72 hours after a donation. Use this time to ensure that donors have been thanked in a timely manner that speaks to their impact. Don’t wait until 2024 to show your gratitude! You can get ahead of the competition by reaching out to donors early with thank-you’s, making one last good impression for the year. A slow and steady approach will help keep the volume of letters and emails manageable and ensure that donors feel appreciated.

3. Share your progress!

By processing your gifts as they come in, you will have an accurate view of how much has been donated up to this point. Use this information to drive any last-minute gifts by sharing your progress and the impact that donations have made so far. Expressing the difference that your donors have made in terms of results, rather than dollars, can drive home the importance of each gift. Tap into the spirit of generosity that carries through the end-of-year with progress updates on social media and email!

4. Steward Strategically: Beyond the Thank-You

Make a plan to welcome new donors. Depending on their gift size, make a point to get to know them and learn more about why they chose to support your organization! Connect with your strongest supporters. Whether they are major donors, long-time sustainers, or volunteers who made the leap to donors, be sure to acknowledge upgrades and continued major gifts in a personal way.

5. Take Note!

Before you close out the year, document the successes and challenges of your end-of-year campaign. Connect across departments to get input into areas that can be built upon or improved for next year. You can go into 2024 with a clear view of your goals and celebrate a phenomenal close of the year! 

This blog post by Kate Averrett Anderson was published on The Engage Blog. Read it here

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