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Nonprofit Branding Strategy – 5 Keys to Succeed

The term “branding,” is often associated with for-profit businesses, but it is equally important for nonprofits. Despite their different purposes, nonprofits can apply many of the same brand strategies as for-profits to build and strengthen relationships with constituents and reach a wider audience. At C(, we understand that your nonprofit brand is more than just […]

A Google Goldmine: How to Leverage SEO and Google Ad Grants

Much like their for-profit counterparts, nonprofits need to stay on top of new marketing trends so that they can activate new supporters for their cause. However, if you’re like other nonprofit marketers, you know that one of the biggest pain points you face is your budget. What if there were marketing strategies that could expose your organization to […]

5 Benefits of Text-to-Give Fundraising for Your Nonprofit

As a nonprofit fundraiser, you know that consistent donations are key to advancing your mission. Your nonprofit needs a concrete and strategic way to reach your supporters with your donation requests throughout the year. You likely already use tools like email and social media as part of your digital fundraising strategy, but there is an […]

Mastering Nonprofit Blogging: 10 Best Practices for Maximum Impact

Blogs are a powerful tool for nonprofits. They offer a unique opportunity for nonprofits to share stories, drive engagement, and connect with their audience meaningfully. However, an effective nonprofit blog requires a strategic approach that goes beyond simply publishing content, so make sure you add it to your communications strategy and plan accordingly. At C(, […]

Creative Raffle Ideas for Nonprofit Fundraising

Raffles, a time-honoured fundraising tactic, presents an exciting opportunity for nonprofits to not only raise funds but also to cultivate a sense of community and excitement among supporters. Raffles involve the sale of tickets, with participants entering for a chance to win prizes, typically donated from local businesses or supporters of the organization. At C(, […]

How to Build a Successful Advocacy Campaign: A Guide 

More and more nonprofits are tapping into the power of advocacy—and for good reason. A strong advocacy campaign can help organizations grow their audience, bring issues to the public’s attention, and raise more donations for their cause.  Traditionally, advocacy campaigns have taken place by going door-to-door to collect signatures or rallying crowds in person. However, innovations in […]

Outsourcing for Nonprofits: What It Is and Why It Matters

It’s no secret that nonprofit professionals often wear many hats. From fundraising to marketing to financial management, there are so many essential responsibilities for running a nonprofit that it quickly becomes expensive and time-consuming to hire a different person to fill each role. The smaller your organization is, the more likely it is that one staff member […]

Nonprofit Website Content to Keep Members Engaged: 5 Tips

Ensuring an exceptional member experience is the lifeblood of sustaining and growing a nonprofit. The good news is that an organization’s website can serve as a hub for interaction between the nonprofit and its members, establishing a convenient and efficient way for members to make donations, manage their membership account, volunteer, register for events, and more. […]

Stay Centered: 3 Mindfulness Tips for Nonprofit Professionals

As a nonprofit professional, you’re used to learning from others in the sector. For example, you might try a text-to-give campaign after witnessing another nonprofit’s success with that idea. But what about when it comes to alleviating workplace stress? Although you’re working to further a good cause, that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the stress […]

5 Tips to Increase Your Nonprofit’s Visibility with Social SEO

Social media platforms are always changing, introducing new features and algorithm updates. But now, they’ve evolved into something else. They serve as search engines. People go to social media not only to connect with friends and family but to get information and find what they need. I bet you’ve done it many times too! Whether […]

5 Research-Based Fundraising Strategies For Modern Campaigns

In the world of nonprofit fundraising, much of what is considered best practice is steeped in tradition, passed down through generations of fundraisers. While there’s immense value in learning from experienced individuals, it’s essential to acknowledge that what works for one organization may not necessarily work for another, and even widely accepted practices can lose […]

10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Presence Organically

How many times have you heard that social media is now a pay-to-play game? I bet you hear this very often! Well, while this continues to be true, organic social media offers nonprofits something paid social can’t – authenticity, community-building, and genuine connections. It provides nonprofits with the opportunity to cultivate a loyal and engaged […]