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How to Convert Peer-to-Peer Event Participants into Monthly Donors

If your nonprofit organization hosts a peer-to-peer event with thousands of happy participants and supporters, but you don’t have a plan to convert those bikers, gamers, walkers, golfers, dancers, scavenger hunters, or pub crawlers into monthly donors, you’re missing out on the point of putting on an awesome P2P event. It should never be a […]

19 Digital Advertising Acronyms for Nonprofits

Digital platforms, like search engines and social media, are free for any organization to participate in. However, these technologies are increasingly becoming pay to play, meaning your nonprofit should strongly consider investing in paid advertising to get its full effect. Whether investing in social, search, or retargeting, there are a range of different paid ad approaches your […]

3 Best Ways to Use Your Nonprofit’s Valuable CRM Data

Is the secret to growing your fundraising hiding in your CRM? It just might be! Your nonprofit CRM is much more than a storage space for addresses and phone numbers. It’s a powerful tool for managing and growing relationships with your supporters. The data in your CRM can help you raise more money, improve your donor retention, and […]

10 Brilliant Social Media Content Ideas for Nonprofits

Having a strategic social media communications plan in place is a must for nonprofits. With 3.78 billion social media users in 2021 – an increase of five percent from a year ago – it’s a valuable communication channel that should be part of your mix. Your donors and supporters are on social media and you need to […]

Nonprofit Branding Strategy | 5 Key Pillars to Help You Succeed

While you tend to hear the term more in relation to for-profit businesses, the importance of branding for nonprofits cannot be stressed enough.  Your brand is what people think about when they think of your organization. This impacts your public image, your engagement, and your fundraising efforts. Brand management is the work you do to […]

4 Reasons to Start Planning Ahead for GivingTuesday

Whether you’re brand new to nonprofit work or a veteran of the sector, you know that Giving Tuesday is one of the most important fundraising days of the year. This is because Giving Tuesday gets nonprofits real results. Giving Tuesday began in 2012, raising an estimated $10 million in its first year, according to Nonprofits Source. […]

34+ Creative Summer Fundraising Ideas

It seems like summer is always right around the corner—we’re either deep in it or desperately planning for it. Fortunately for your nonprofit, with summer fundraising ideas, the only limit is your imagination. With warmer temperatures and longer days come extra opportunities to engage your donors, volunteers, and supporters.  Whether looking for summer fundraiser ideas for kids, adults, or the […]

How to Start a Volunteer Program: 12 Steps for Success

Has your nonprofit identified an unaddressed need within your community? Need more help running your current programs? Or could your next event benefit from a bigger team? If so, you may be interested in starting a volunteer program. Volunteers provide nonprofits with the on-the-ground support they need to further their missions, whether that means helping […]

Google Alerts for Your Nonprofit: Why You Need Them and How to Set Them Up

You’ve got donors, supporters, and potential supporters out in your community and beyond. If they’re talking about your nonprofit, you probably want to know what they’re saying, right? That’s great in theory, but how do you go about doing that? Do you have the time or resources to find out what people are saying? If […]

26 Instagram Tips for the Modern Nonprofit

If a picture is worth a thousand words, your nonprofit’s Instagram account is a storytelling gold mine. Instagram, which continues to be a highly engaged community-building and social media platform, celebrates its 13th birthday in 2023. Learn how your nonprofit organization can capitalize on the sixth most-visited website in the world to engage donors in […]

LinkedIn for Nonprofits: 8 Strategies for Social Network Success

LinkedIn, like other social media platforms, has hundreds of millions of registered users. However, a large user base doesn’t guarantee engagement. A highly engaged audience, even if it’s smaller, is key to social media success. What makes LinkedIn valuable for your nonprofit is its active audience. In fact, LinkedIn is the top choice for marketers who want to promote their content, data, and relevant […]

Tracking Social Media Engagements and Conversions for Your Nonprofit

Metrics matter because they give your nonprofit insights on decision-making and provide evidence for what kind of content to share. This is especially true on social media because there are so many data points you can track. However, this amount of data can be overwhelming, so nonprofits have to prioritize which metrics to actually measure. Across […]

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