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Adding emojis to your nonprofit’s email subject line. Yes or no?

In an increasingly digital world, emojis have become a universal language that allows people to represent emotions, concepts, objects, or ideas, enhancing their everyday digital communication and making it more expressive, engaging, and inclusive.

We use them in text messages, social media, or emails, but, is it appropriate to use them in your nonprofit subject lines?

Well, there’s no right or wrong answer here.

They surely can make your emails more engaging and eye-catching, but it will always depend on the situation, your target audience, your branding, and the specific context of each email. The following considerations we found at can help you decide:


Consider your audience’s preferences and expectations. Emojis may be more acceptable in casual or informal communications but may not be suitable for formal or professional emails. If your audience is accustomed to emojis in communication and would likely respond positively, then using one may be effective.


Ensure that the emoji you choose is relevant to the content of your email and the message you’re trying to convey. An emoji can help emphasize or clarify the subject line, but it should not be confusing or misleading.

Nonprofit brands

Emojis may align with the tone and branding of your organization or the type of nonprofit you are. Some nonprofits use emojis to convey playfulness or friendliness, while others prefer a more formal tone. Consider your nonprofit brand’s image and how emojis fit into it.


Emojis should enhance, not hinder, the clarity of your subject line. Avoid using too many emojis or using overly complex ones that may confuse the reader.

A/B testing

If you’re unsure whether emojis will be effective for your specific audience, you can conduct A/B testing. Send two versions of the same email—one with an emoji in the subject line and one without—and track the response rates to see which performs better.

Mobile compatibility

Emojis are widely supported in email services, but it’s still a good idea to test how they appear on different devices and email platforms to ensure they don’t break formatting or appear differently than intended.

Cultural sensitivity 

Be mindful of cultural differences and interpretations of emojis. Emojis can have different meanings in various cultures, so ensure your choice is universally understood in the way you intend.

If you believe they fit your organization and decide to include them in your email subject lines, remember to use them thoughtfully and in a way that enhances the message you want to convey, aligns with your brand tone, and maintains professionalism.

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