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Brochures, Kit Folder, Printed Materials"It's all about life" Campaign
"It's all about life" Campaign
CSA Group

Advancing the highest level of safety standards

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The multi-touch-point “It’s all about life” program/campaign features public marketing materials aimed at education about the importance of safety and the life-changing impact of the work of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) in that area.

CSA publishes KPI (Key Performance Indicator) charts to communicate the results of their work in several key areas: What they do is all about life, and the most meaningful indicators of their progress are those that show the direct, real-world impact of their work.

Conceptual design, layout, and presentation of this information are then key to delivering executive messages. Graphically, this was interpreted into a bold, dynamic, and dimensional design. Strong, focused photography combined with distinct brand elements present CSA’s work as it addresses real needs such as public health and safety. The charts themselves are kept clean and highly readable to show off the results.

The design developed for these KPIs drove the theme and design for other public awareness campaign materials (such as emails and web banners) and the year’s web-based annual report which went on to claim a Platinum MarCom Award and a Silver Davey Award for excellence in marketing/communications.

Brochure Design
Social Media Strategy for Discover Ability Network
Annual Report
Social Media Strategy and Design
Social Media Strategy and Design
Annual Report