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In 2012, The Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) acquired the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame (CSHF), a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring and celebrating Canadians who have dedicated their lives to the legacy of music.

SOCAN contracted C(Group to create a new logo for CSHF that communicated the organization’s new brand identity. The new logo needed to properly portray the organization’s mission while fitting the context of SOCAN.  The new logo is made of two overlapping guitar picks and a writer’s quill, thus incorporating different aspects of writing and performing music. The gold, yellow, and burgundy color scheme work together to communicate a high-end look and feel. The font chosen has similarities with the SOCAN logo, making for a visual continuum between stand-alone brands.

In addition to creating the new logo, C(Group also worked with CSHF to create a new website that professionally communicates its mission and provides information to both the public and the Canadian music community in an easy-to-navigate way. The new website helps users sort through a vast repository of content, acting as a virtual, online museum of Canadian achievements in music. Users can search inductees by name, year, or era.

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