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Annual Report
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CSA Group is dedicated to social good; promoting a better, safer, more sustainable world where standards work for people and businesses. Building on a long-standing working relationship, CSA Group engaged C(Group to develop its 2015/16 Annual Report and wanted it to be a trend-setting, state-of-the-art publication.

C(Group undertook the work to create a visual look and feel which was engaging and communicated the organization’s values and goals. The over-arching theme of Social Good was communicated by presenting measurable actions in three key areas: Sustainability, Safety, and Global Trade. In addition, C(Group utilized several leading trends in annual reporting; a “digital first” philosophy was used and a full online annual report was developed as a special feature on their website.

The online report afforded opportunities to emphasize key messages through the use of engaging animation and powerful interactive effects. The report was fully accessible, AODA compliant, mobile enabled and responsive for any device and gave users the option of customizing the text view to their preference. A traditional print-format report was also designed so that users who preferred that medium could download it at will. Additionally, a limited, digital print run was produced for the Annual General Meeting and for limited distribution.

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