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Accessible PDF, Annual Report Design, Infographic and Visual Charting, Microsite, Theme and Vision DevelopmentDigital Annual Report
Digital Annual Report
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Advancing the highest level of safety standards

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For 95 years, CSA Group has been committed to making the world a safer, more sustainable place for people and businesses.

The annual report, produced in both French and English,  is a key communications piece within the organization that details its work and outlines its vision for the following year.

Since the early 2000s, C(Group has been a strategic partner in producing CSA Group’s annual report and helped the organization navigate the shift from print to digital in 2003 when it decided to circulate fewer printed copies in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint.

The report is now produced online-first in the form of a microsite that displays information in a simple, easy-to-navigate manner. Extra information such as the organization’s financial report can be downloaded in PDF format with the click of a button. The theme of this year’s report (“Advancing today, anticipating tomorrow”) is communicated through the site’s sharp colors and animations. Interactivity is used to keep the report dynamic.

Visuals were chosen to help support the brand’s message of expansion beyond the borders of Canada and work to position CSA Group as a global leader in standards, safety, and sustainability.

Website Design and Development
Website Design and Development
Annual Report
Annual Report
Annual Report