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Communications Collateral
Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure
Communications Collateral
Branding, Marketing Materials, Printed Materials
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The Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure aims to stimulate economic growth within Ontario and position the province as a globally competitive place to do business.

Over the years, C(Group has assisted with this mission by developing communications collateral for different sectors, including the life sciences, automotive, gaming, aerospace, and mining. Materials include brochures, tradeshow materials, business cards, exhibit directories, publications, and more. These are produced in nine languages, including English, French, Japanese, Chinese, German and Portuguese.

C(Group assisted by establishing brand guidelines and templates for materials produced. Each template needed to fit the context of both Ontario Government communications and each sector while still allowing room for expressing individual sectors.

The communications collateral assists the organization’s mission of attracting business to Ontario across sectors and helps promote Ontario as a global landscape for business development.

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