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The Best Non-Profit Intel

Evaluating Fit

Our clients are:

  • Forward-thinking organizations that do one or more of the following through their work:
    •    Champion causes that improve our community and the world around us
    •    Imagine and innovate to better the human condition
    •    Advance the public interest for the good of all
    •    Ensure safe, ethical and equitable industry
  • Have experience working with an established communications/design agency and are familiar with our industry’s professional Standards of Practice
  • Annual operating budgets of greater than $1 Million
  • Value the contributions that experts can make

We often work with our clients in a full-service capacity on a range of projects throughout the year. This leverages our strategic thinking and allows us to work more deeply and yield greater results.

Although it depends greatly on the approach and specific deliverables, we typically earn project fees in the following ranges:

  • Branding work: $15K to $40K
  • WordPress website design: $30K to $50K
  • Annual Report design: $15K to $35K (depending on page count and format)
  • CMS driven website with custom application development or integration: $60K to $90K
  • Outreach campaigns: $10K to $20K.
Waiting List

Our current waiting list to start on a new project is 6-8 weeks depending on project type.

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