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Annual Reporting Services
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Creating a highly engaging report

Your non-profit annual report or impact report is a key communication document. Part results reporting, part vision, it is an important annual milestone for telling your audience how you performed, establishing forward-looking objectives, and positioning your organization effectively. We can create your content, whether it be writing, photography, video or killer infographics. Online or in print, we can take your annual or impact report to the next level.

Our design process begins with theme development, which is the key to creating a compelling report. With a clear message and strategy in place as a guide, we develop the visual design options that will communicate the theme most effectively. Through an iterative process, we work directly with our clients to refine and deliver a champion design. We believe that the content of an annual report needs to be a balance of creativity, storytelling, and results reporting that link back to your mission. Highly creative infographics and visual charting allow the reader to process potentially complex information easily. Professional executive photography highlights your leadership team and portrays the faces behind your organization.

Our team works to ensure that the report is accessibility-compliant and built for web viewing, including responsive functionality and cross-browser compatibility.

Our AGM presentations and graphics will help you deliver your key content, guide your annual meeting, and reinforce your key messages. We can also support you with speech writing and display needs ensuring a smooth event that is consistent with your overall theme and aligned to your mission.

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Annual Report
Annual Report
Strategic Plan
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Annual Reporting
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