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College of Medical Radiation Technologists of Ontario

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C(Group worked together with CMRTO on this “coming of age” project. Last redeveloped in 2007, the CMRTO website was long overdue for a redesign. Notwithstanding the opportunities to evolve the site from a technology perspective (i.e. transition to a responsive framework, become mobile-friendly, etc.), we approached the redesign from a User Experience Design perspective to ensure the redesign fully reflected the needs of the public, members, and other stakeholders as well as aligned with the college’s new communications strategy.

Major drivers behind the rethink included the desire for the site to 1) become a communications hub (portal) rather than an archive of materials, 2) enhance the experience for the various user types/roles (members, applicants, public), 3) integrate activity among other channels (social media, YouTube, blogs, newsletters), and 4) demonstrate leadership in health profession regulation.

C(Group facilitated a series of strategic exercises to arrive at a simplified information architecture for the site that ensured easy access to desired content and improved engagement with the CMRTO regardless of a user’s profile (member, applicant, public, etc.).

From a branding point of view, the redesign was an opportunity for a fresh, new look & feel strategically designed to further evolve the brand position of the CMRTO. The design concept uses a clean, minimalistic approach and centers around the good use of white space, with large friendly, inviting photography/images, and subtle color and graphic highlights to provide contrast and context.

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