Understanding target audiences, effective positioning, the key attributes to be communicated are imparative in developing a successful creative solution for your non-profit.
Informed planning creates mission achievement

C(Group offers communications strategy services that will definitively help your non-profit achieve its mission. Depending on the specific goals of your project, different strategic exercises may be employed to ensure the work to be developed is strategically on-point.

Our brand and marketing audits provide highly detailed reporting on current brand image and marketing systems that provide non-profits with the insights they need to improve. Our brand strategy work employs both creative and analytical processes to conceptualize opportunities for non-profits to enhance their brand. Working exclusively with non-profits means that we are specialists in all aspects of non-profit marketing and can apply a strategy that will be soluble to an entire organization. We believe that implementing focus testing and surveying are integral parts of developing any brand or marketing strategy, that’s why we have networks developed to employ focus testing and survey research on any scale.

Our highly creative team has developers trained in the most up to date solutions to provide our clients with appropriate technology assessments that can improve existing technologies, resolve errors, and most importantly, assist non-profit’s in building a technology strategy that will help them achieve their goals.

We are also aware of how important fundraising campaigns are for many non-profits, for this reason, we have highly experienced and successful strategists to develop creative and effective fundraising campaign strategies.

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Strategic Services
  • Brand & Marketing Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • Fundraising Campaign Strategy
  • Focus Testing & Survey Research
  • Technology Assessment
  • Communications Strategy
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